The National Housing Strategy has been designed as a toolkit. It features complementary initiatives working together to address challenges across the housing continuum and spectrum of housing needs. The strategy initiatives will:

  • build new affordable housing and renew the existing affordable housing stock
  • provide technical assistance, tools and resources to build capacity in the community housing sector and funds tosupport local organizations
  • support research, capacity-building, excellence and innovation in housing research

The strategy will promote partnerships and the alignment of efforts in order to achieve ambitious outcomes.

CMHC is leading and delivering the National Housing Strategy federal initiatives. In some cases, CMHC will work with other federal departments or agencies to deliver the programs. In other cases, services may be contracted out to third-parties.


National Housing Co-Investment Fund – New Construction Stream

Low-cost loans and capital contributions for building new affordable housing shelters, transitional and supportive housing.

Affordable Housing Innovation Fund

Funding for unique ideas and innovative building techniques that revolutionize the affordable housing sector.

Rental Construction Financing

Low-cost loans encouraging the construction of sustainable rental apartment projects across Canada.

Federal Lands Initiative

Launching late 2018. Surplus federal lands and buildings used to create affordable, sustainable, accessible and socially inclusive developments.

Other funding and financing opportunities

Find other CMHC funding and financing opportunities.


National Housing Co-Investment Fund – Housing Repair and Renewal Stream

Low-cost loans and capital contributions for repairing/renewing affordable housing shelters, transitional and supportive housing.

Other funding and financing opportunities

Find other CMHC funding and financing opportunities.


The Federal Community Housing Initiative — Phase 1

Subsidies for federally-administered community housing providers provided under their existing operating agreements.

Technical Resource Centre and Sector Transformation Fund

Launching 2019. Tools and assistance to increase the capacity of community housing providers and support an efficient community housing sector.

Community-Based Tenant Initiative

Launching 2019. Funding for local organizations helping tenants access information on housing options, improve financial literacy and management.


The NHS Demonstrations Initiative

Highlighting innovations in affordable housing that progress social, economic and environmental performance, programs and strategies.

Solutions Labs

Working through complex housing issues to scale potential solutions to housing affordability pressures.

Collaborative Housing Research Network

Launching Summer 2018. An independent, Canadian academic-led housing Network focused on the holistic research of housing conditions.

NHS Research and Planning Fund

Launching Spring 2018. Funding for NGOs wanting to undertake housing-related research or research-related activities.

CMHC Housing Research Scholarship Program

Launching Spring 2018. Partnering with the Tri-agencies to support early-career researchers with post-doctoral fellowships.

Housing Research Awards

A suite of awards that recognize impactful housing research and support knowledge translation.

National Housing Conference

Experts showcase new ideas and innovations in affordable housing at an annual, multi-stream conference.

Housing Needs Data

Understanding housing conditions and needs of our most vulnerable populations to develop success measures toward strategy outcomes.

Expert Community on Housing

The Expert Community on Housing (ECOH) is a web-based community of practice to support housing experts and the sharing of research, expertise and experiences.

Date Published: May 2, 2018