Mortgage fraud is an industry-wide problem requiring an industry-wide response. CMHC is committed to being a partner in fraud prevention, working with mortgage professionals as well as others in the industry to combat mortgage fraud. CMHC proactively works with mortgage professionals to prevent fraud at initiation.

Mortgage Fraud Prevention — Tools, Training and Awareness

  • CMHC delivers mortgage professional fraud training and awareness, such as providing mortgage professionals with detection tips on the key components of a mortgage application that are most commonly associated with fraud. CMHC also shares the most recent fraud trends and patterns to assist those on the front line to detect misrepresentation.
  • CMHC offers mortgage professionals information to share with borrowers to help them avoid becoming victims of mortgage fraud.
  • CMHC has tools and a dedicated team of specially trained senior underwriters to help detect mortgage loan insurance applications with a higher probability of misrepresentation.
  • CMHC works together with approved lenders to identify systematic solutions that mitigate fraud throughout their portfolio.
  • CMHC works with law enforcement and reports cases of suspected fraud to the appropriate agencies. To help deter fraudsters, CMHC pursues prosecution to the full extent of the law and strongly encourages the industry to do the same.

If you are interested in obtaining training related to mortgage fraud prevention, contact your local CMHC Account Manager, Client Relations or call 1 888 GO emili.  

Reporting Suspected Fraud or Misrepresentation

Lenders are required to immediately report to CMHC if false or misleading information has been provided or is suspected in relation to a CMHC-insured mortgage application, even when there is no intention to approve the loan.

This will help prevent fraudsters from using similar schemes elsewhere, and enhance CMHC tools and training aimed at fraud prevention. CMHC investigates every report received. Note that CMHC cannot share the outcome of investigations due to Federal Privacy Legislation.

Call 1 888 GO emili (463-6454) and ask for a Fraud Prime.

You can also report by e-mail or fax using form 65555 (PDF). If possible, attach a copy of the application documents.



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Date Published:: March 31, 2018