Writing a proposal is one of the first steps of any housing project. First Nation communities can apply for funding to help them develop the proposal needed to enter our Non-Profit Housing Program.

Who’s eligible for financial support?

This program is open to all First Nation communities and their affiliated housing organizations. Specifically, proposal funding is available to those that want to build or buy housing through our Non-Profit Housing Program.

What type of work is covered by this program?

Activities that assess the feasibility of a housing project are eligible for proposal funding, including:

  • best buy, viability, and need and demand analyses
  • soil tests
  • drawings and specifications
  • development permits
  • site selection
  • housing acquisition exploration
  • cost estimates
  • financing option exploration
  • contract document preparation
  • management planning
  • incorporation
  • membership/tenant development and education

Important: Have you done any of these activities before getting your application approved in writing? If so, those activities won’t be eligible for proposal funding under the program.

How much financial assistance is available?

We offer financial support in the form of an interest-free, repayable loan as high as $75,000. You may also qualify for additional funding depending on the size of your project.

What if I need funding for a different kind of project?

We have other programs that can help you with on-reserve repairs to substandard housing (including emergency repairs). There’s also a program to fund accessibility modifications and adaptations for seniors and people with disabilities.

For more information about this program, please contact your First Nation Housing Specialist.

Date Published:: March 31, 2018