Loans Administration

CMHC holds and makes loans under various programs to federally-subsidized social housing providers, First Nations, provincial and territorial providers, and municipalities, as well as non-subsidized housing support loans (includes loans made through the Municipal Infrastructure Lending Program).

The loan portfolio consists of a mix of renewable and non-renewable loans in support of social housing. Loans may be on reserve or off.

Loans administration staff ensures the effective administration of CMHC’s loan portfolio and protects the Corporation’s security though loan servicing functions such as payment control, fire insurance verification, property tax verification, processing ownership changes and discharges.

Direct Lending

CMHC provides low-cost loans directly to federally-assisted social housing sponsors, seeking to continue financing their housing projects and to First Nations to finance new housing production.

As a federal Crown corporation, CMHC can obtain funds through borrowings from the Department of Finance under the Crown Borrowing Framework, at a lower cost than can a private lender. In addition, the interest rates charged by CMHC do not include a profit margin. CMHC can then pass on these savings to the social housing sponsors by charging lower interest rates, resulting in reduced federal subsidy requirements.

Groups eligible for Direct Loans through CMHC include: First Nations or social housing sponsors, including public and private non-profit organizations and Aboriginal non-profit organizations (both on and off reserve) who receive federal funding and who own and operate housing for low and moderate income households.

Direct lending is available to eligible sponsors across Canada. In British Columbia, All Nations Trust offers direct loans to First Nations projects on behalf of CMHC.

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Renewal Rate
Pool Maturity Date Term Rate Effective for Rate-Setting Date
October 1, 2024 5 Years 0 Month 1.75% October 1 to 31, 2019 September 24, 2019

The rate is quoted on a semi-annual basis.

Date Published:: March 31, 2018