CMHC has launched a new series of quarterly regional reports and data based on Equifax Canada numbers. These new reports – Regional Mortgage and Consumer Credit Trends – and complementary data expand the availability of consumer debt-related information to large cities. This is an important milestone, as it’s the first time we’re offering mortgage and consumer credit data at the level of census metropolitan areas (CMAs).

This information will help in identifying relevant issues and support informed decisions. Debt information can also serve as an early warning indicator, alerting the industry to developing areas of concern.

To get an accurate picture of the overall state of personal debt and credit, it’s important to consider a range of data and analysis. Our reports and data offer a window to Equifax Canada’s database, which is a comprehensive and integrated source of consumer debt information covering every Canadian CMA.

The reports explain the data on personal debt and credit provided by the Equifax database. Thanks to the richness and uniqueness of this data, CMHC will be a key source of information and analysis in this area. The goal in supplying this information is to help Canadians meet their housing needs.

You may be familiar with our national Mortgage and Consumer Credit Trends report. Now, get more in-depth information about the region that’s most important to you. Choose from 5 regional reports that cover a total of 15 Canadian CMAs:

  • British Columbia – CMAs: Victoria and Vancouver
  • Prairies – CMAs: Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg
  • Ontario – CMAs: Hamilton, Toronto and Ottawa
  • Quebec – CMAs: Montréal and Québec
  • Atlantic – CMAs: Moncton, Halifax and St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

We’ll also have data for the other Canadian CMAs not included in the reports available to you.

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Date Published: August 2, 2018